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LAUNCH By MontaVida - 1 lb. Bag

New One Pound Bag. Launch is a high octane coffee created by the makers of MontaVida. Produced from a Robusta coffee bean, it’s the perfect medium to dark roast blend with smooth, smoky undertones and a hint of cherry, with 420 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup. Like our other MontaVida coffee flavors, Launch includes our signature healthy blend of ramón seeds and MCT oil.

Typically ships within 4-5 businesses days of order.


During the roasting process MCT Oil and Ramon Seeds are added.

MCT Oil* assists with:
• Weight loss
• Appetite suppression
• Absorption of essential vitamins

Ramon Seeds* contain:
• Protein, fiber and minerals
• Powerful antioxidants
• Vitamins A, B, C and E

*Please visit for more information on MCT Oil and Ramon Seeds.